Balancing Costs + New Hires as Business Grows

At any size company, one of the most challenging aspects of growth is maintaining the proper ratio of employees.

If you hire too fast, you won’t challenge current employees, but if you hire too slowly, your current workforce may become stressed, you won’t have enough time for proper training and you’ll have to overstretch resources to deliver excellent service. Neither of these scenarios leads to the outcome you’re seeking.

Work Culture

This year has been one of tremendous growth for Parker Technology; we are working diligently to balance the hiring challenges by adding numerous new roles and welcoming many new faces.

We are especially proud of our leaders and CSRs for helping bridge the gap as we move into this next phase.

Here is how we are continuing to balance cost and new hires as our business grows:

1. Maintaining Our Culture

We pride ourselves on how our leaders work hard to ensure that our people care and take pride in their work. They help shape and maintain our culture and positive work environment. We know that much of our growth is due to our team’s strength and hard work. We couldn’t be more grateful for the team we have, but also for the new team members we are hiring.

When hiring new employees to join Parker, we seek those who will be a culture-fit and seamlessly integrate into the team. We do this by continually honing our interview and hiring processes to identify those who truly embody our core values. These are our six core values:

  1. Honesty & Integrity
  2. Excellence in Communication
  3. Servant’s Heart
  4. Goes Above & Beyond
  5. Noble Intent
  6. Critical Thinking

And as we grow, we take great care to maintain our employee-focused culture. We want our employees to love working here, because when they do, it also helps us add and retain more top talent!

2. Creating a Plan

As we expand, we are working diligently to evaluate the criteria for hiring. As with all our endeavors, we begin by gathering data such as KPIs, analyzing the needs of our customers and existing team, and determining if adding more team members is cost-effective. We want to find the sweet spot of hiring just enough, not hiring too slow or too fast.

3. Evaluating Our Training Program

We understand the importance of thorough, inclusive onboarding and continued training. We are determined to give our current and new employees the training and resources they need to succeed.

We recently revamped our training program to ensure a smooth process for all new employees. As training evolves, we will look at new techniques to improve it and ensure we accommodate all learning styles. We look forward to hearing feedback from the most recent trainee group to go through this new program. We plan to take their input and continue honing our training to meet the needs of our valued CSRs.

The Perfect Tech Partner for Your Growing Business

The bottom line: At Parker Technology, our people are our power, and we work every day to develop their talents and honor the unique skill set that each brings to the table. During this current growth phase and the next, we promise to evolve to meet the needs of the growing business we support. That will bring continued positive results for both our internal team and our external clients.

If you would like to hear more, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!