Anticipating NPA 2023 + Cherishing Memories

As fall approaches, so does the last half of our trade show season. Last year’s trade shows were a resounding success, leaving us with unforgettable memories and eager anticipation for what this year has in store.

The camaraderie, the learning and the sheer joy of being part of the Parker Technology team are what make trade shows a success, and this year promises to be even more remarkable.

Reflecting on Last Year: A Glance Back at the Fun + Success

The memories of laughter, networking, and fruitful exchanges from last year’s trade shows are still fresh in our minds. The success of the previous conferences has set a high bar, leaving us with both nostalgia and excitement for what’s to come.

Great Anticipation: What Lies Ahead at NPA 2023

As we eagerly count down the days to NPA 2023, there are several highlights that we simply can’t wait to experience:

  • Happy Hour with Ocra: Among the many exciting events lined up, the Happy Hour with Ocra stands out. This party provides the perfect backdrop for fostering relationships, sharing stories and strengthening the bonds within our industry.
  • Parker Team Dinners: Looking back, one cherished memory from the previous trade shows stands out: the team dinners with our Parker Technology family. The sense of unity and the warmth of shared experiences make such moments truly unforgettable.
  • Learning + Networking at Sessions: The sessions and panels at NPA hold a special place in our hearts. Learning from industry experts and engaging in discussions can be a true fountain of knowledge. The presence of thought leaders in our industry in these sessions enriches the experience.
  • The Social Pulse of the Convention: The social aspect of NPA is undeniably exciting. The nights spent helping close out the hotel bar and the live music around every corner create an electrifying atmosphere that keeps us engaged.
  • Parker’s Remarkable Growth: Last year’s trade shows marked a milestone in Parker’s journey. The larger group of Parker People showcased our company’s growth. This growth symbolizes progress and inspires us to strive for even greater heights.
  • Team Bonding Beyond the Booth: The booth, dinners and even the lively streets of New Orleans serve as venues for team bonding. These experiences foster connections not just among ourselves, but also with our valued customers.
  • Revisiting Fond Memories: Returning to Drago’s and indulging in smoked oysters carries a special significance. These shared experiences hold a nostalgic charm that ties us to the journey we’ve embarked upon together.
  • Rolling the Dice + Winning: (For Brian) a dash of luck and the thrill of the dice at the craps table remain a cherished memory. The sight of Tammy triumphantly holding a fistful of chips after a stroke of luck is a testament to the unpredictable and joyful moments that define trade shows.
  • Morning Runs in the “Chilly” New Orleans Air: Navigating the “brisk” mornings of NPA in New Orleans promises to be invigorating (at least for Ryan). The city’s unique charm coupled with the refreshing air makes those early morning runs a must.

As we gear up for NPA 2023, we are filled with excitement. The memories waiting to be made, the connections yet to be formed and the knowledge awaiting discovery are all part of what makes NPA a great conference.

Let’s come together once again to celebrate our industry, our company’s growth and the shared experiences that shape our parking journey.