New API Integration: Amano ONE

We’re thrilled to announce that our software platform and two-way video functionality are now fully integrated with Amano ONE PARCS equipment.

Amano ONE + Parker API Integration

This integration takes our solution and adds another layer of convenience for parking management and end-users.

With this new integration, intercom help calls can now be tracked and managed in our robust software platform and directed to our highly trained customer service representatives, as needed, whether 24/7 or on a hybrid, part-time schedule.

Through the integration with Amano ONE, customer service reps can seamlessly:

  • validate tickets
  • vend gates
  • update access holder status
  • search for credentials
  • and more…

Using real-time data available through Amano ONE, any customer service reps utilizing our software platform can also check for potential alerts like low paper. This provides parking patrons with exceptional customer service, while freeing up management staff to do other, high-priority tasks.

“We are excited to complete another integration together and look forward to the enhanced service this functionality will bring. Our ability to use a single pane of glass to house all the procedures the CSR needs to troubleshoot and then the power to push and pull information from the PARCS system is paramount to the Client Experience. It creates an efficient and expedited way to help the customer in the lane while protecting revenue and system integrity. I love a Win-Win!”


Tammy Baker

COO of Parker Technology

The pairing of our two powerhouse solutions offers parking patrons a simplified user experience with the option for next-level assistance at the device.


To learn more about the Amano ONE + Parker Technology interface, visit our Amano webpage or fill out an interest form to speak with a rep.