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Author: Courtney Cooper

Podcast EP 15 Rewind: Knowing Who to Hire and Call Center Expectations

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered“ is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry. We aim to do so by highlighting the voices of experts in the space, discussing trends and forward-looking technological innovations, and providing professional food for thought. All in an […]

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Kent King

Parker People Series: Kent King, Triathlon Enthusiast

In this special series, we’re excited to feature some of our very own Parker People, by sharing their stories from previous episodes on our podcast.

In this blog post, we explore the world of triathlons with Kent King, our VP of Sales, who doubles as a triathlon coach in his spare time.

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How Parker Technology Supports the University of Rochester’s Parking Team

One particular area of focus is the university’s hospital garage, where customer service and traffic flow are critically important. The garage was staffed with manned booths until Parker Technology was selected to install automated exit gates and pay stations – a significant change for users. The implementation of this technology allowed Parking & Logistics to optimize operations while staff members previously assigned to booth operations were redeployed to other essential roles within the department.

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Podcast EP 11 Rewind: Lone Star State of Parking Confusion

“Harder Than It Looks: Parking Uncovered” is our podcast that we use to facilitate connections and illuminate solutions to common problems within the parking and mobility industry. Today, we’re rewinding and recapping Episode 11: Bridging the Lone Star State of Confusion in Parking Operations with Walt Gray & Celeste Ching.

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Excellence in Communication – Our Methods for Revolutionizing Workplace Culture

What causes 48% of affected workers to intentionally decrease their work effort? Or causes 78% of affected workers to lose commitment to an organization? What costs $14,000 per staff member due to loss of production and work time (Harvard Business Review)? This killer of culture isn’t something that can be fixed with six sigma or faster technology – its workplace communication.

This article will examine how excellence in workplace communication directly impacts your culture and your customer experience, how Parker Technology has built a culture of excellence in communication and how to handle mistakes (on both ends) with empathy.

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Client Story: Bethlehem Parking Authority

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has rich American history dating back to the Revolutionary War, with visits from founding fathers such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and members of Congress. Bethlehem was also the first U.S. city to adopt a Christmas Tree, receiving the nickname of “Christmas City USA.” 

Although the city itself is rooted in history, the Bethlehem Parking Authority (BPA), in partnership with Parker Technology, has transformed parking operations in the city.

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Client Story: Our Software’s Impact on Preferred Parking

When Preferred Parking originally partnered with Parker Technology, they sought to create efficiencies and build repeatable processes in their parking management system. They needed a data-driven solution and Parker Technology was able to help make a change.

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