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The Parker Pulse Nov 2023 Edition

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November is a time when we look back, give thanks for how far we’ve come and look forward to the Holiday Season and the New Year. It’s been another stellar year for all of us here at Parker, thanks to the diligent hard work of our team and the trust you, our customers, put in us to help you streamline operations, collect revenue on exception transactions and keep the lanes moving.

We’ve also come to appreciate the power of our software to put the right information at the fingertips of whomever is answering your customer service calls, to connect to other parking platforms and to improve your parking customers’ experience when they falter or something goes wrong while parking.

More than 2M times this year along, our platform has connected a parking customer needing assistance with someone who could help them. We know there’s more that can be done. If you have ideas about how we can be more helpful to your parking operations, please reach out and let us know.

Thank you for your business and we wish you and yours a happy, safe and joyous holiday season!

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A Note from our COO, Tammy Baker

It is amazing to hear all the different responses we get when we pose this question. Even more fun is that what makes us a great partner for one client would not be good or potentially detrimental to another!

Dec 6th Webinar

Customer Corner

A Few Updates from our Client Experience Manager, Claudia Lopez

We’re hosting a free Lunch & Learn Webinar on Wednesday, December 6th @ 1:30 PM EST!

The topic is Performance Page Reports: Digging into Your Data.

“The Area Managers were overwhelmed with off-hours calls coming through the intercoms and after-hours line. One individual indicated to us that the calls were overwhelming his nights and weekends and interrupting time with his family. He said that he loved the job, but that he may start looking for a new job to cut down the interruptions. Since implementing Parker Technology, our after-hours calls to Area Managers are almost non-existent and it has significantly improved the morale of our employees.”


Ken Smith, CAPP

City Parking & Mobility Manager at Park Omaha