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November Parker Pulse Check

A Note from our COO, Tammy Baker

Nov Pulse Pics

Parker is a great partner because…

It is amazing to hear all the different responses we get when we pose this question. Even more fun is that what makes us a great partner for one client would not be good or potentially detrimental to another!

We really work hard to understand your business and needs and then take that information to tailor our process to fit your specific needs. We have many people and procedures in place to drive this value proposition:

  • Implementation to assess onboarding and get the facility set up properly from the start
  • Dedicated employees to work cases when requests are sent to
  • Review process in QA for new garages and call notes
  • Continual audit process in QA for all CSR interactions
  • Client Success team to review accounts and respond to questions or concerns

As much as we put into our service, there are times that I know we have fallen short. We have review processes that we go through to fill gaps and ensure we learn from each step.

To help us in that effort, we need to hear from you. Are there things we can do for you that we are not doing today? Please reach out! We would love the feedback and opportunity to grow!