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No more siloed parking systems.

Ocra Strategic Alliance

Working together, the teams at Parker Technology and Ocra identified that siloed parking systems aren’t good for anyone. Our innovative partner API works to better serve customers experiencing redemption and access issues with third-party reservations.

We have mutually identified that customers who book through third-party apps experience friction when there is an issue on-site relating to redemptions or entry and exit processes. According to our data, 10% of all help calls are reservation related. We are now solving this industry-wide issue together.

Our Strategic Alliance

We work together with Ocra to solve an industry-wide problem and facilitate flow between multiple technologies for win-win-win outcomes for customers, operators and technology companies. Our alliance is founded upon the need for an integration that allows our customer service reps (CSRs) (or anyone answering calls via our software platform) to access essential transaction data (like customer name and reservation ID) in real-time.

Partner API Features

Through our API integration, comprehensive data sets from Ocra’s data network enable users of the Parker Platform to access the exact information needed to help a customer enter or exit a facility most efficiently.

How It Works:

Ocra API Resolves Friction

Resolves Friction

Provides Excellent CX

Creates Connectivity


  • Increased Revenue: With the use of our API integration, private operators are gaining revenue because customer reservation issues aren’t cutting into their margins.
  • Excellent Customer Experience: By combining Ocra’s extensive data reports with Parker Technology’s customer service solution, you can resolve reservation-related problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Positive Customer Retention Rate: Our partner API allows parking patrons to have a positive customer experience. When customers have a positive experience, they are more likely to return.

“This strategic alliance is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts and our customers will instantly appreciate the value our two companies create together.”

Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology