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Our Patents

The ONLY provider of two-way video in parking.

Parker Technology Patents

Parker Technology owns four patents that broadly cover the use of two-way audio/video communications when providing assistance to a user of a parking payment terminal. For more information, continue reading below.

The patents focus on the method of delivering a customer service experience wherein the customer can see the customer service representative (CSR) and the CSR can see the customer via high-definition Internet-based two-way video in the parking lane or at a pay-on-foot kiosk.

Our 4 U.S. Patents:

In addition to our patents, Parker Technology is the only company that provides a complete end-to-end solution, including manufacturing our own video and audio-only intercom hardware, developing our own proprietary cloud-based workflow and knowledge management software platform, and staffing a call center 24/7/365 exclusively serving the parking industry, including universities, municipalities, and private operators in the US and Canada.

The Parker Technology Customer Experience software platform was purpose-built for the parking industry and 100% of our customers are parking operators located in North America. There are several features of our solution that make it particularly adept at helping operators deliver an excellent customer experience to their parking customers, including:

  1. The use of two-way video to deliver a human touch via a face-to-face interaction
  2. A knowledge management software repository that stores each parking facility’s unique business rules
  3. A workflow engine that delivers the correct business rules for each situation for quick and accurate resolution
  4. Call recording capabilities enabling instant playback of all calls taken for quality monitoring and dispute resolution
  5. Connectivity to your gates, if your business rules dictate that opening the gate is the best course of action
  6. Real-time data capture and reporting of issues that caused the customer to call for help and the resolution
  7. Fully trained customer service representatives that are knowledgeable about parking environments
  8. A full quality assurance staff that monitors adherence to business rules and response and resolution times