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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

We Believe Operational Excellence is Key.

At Parker Technology, Operational Excellence plays a significant role in our daily operations. We not only want to help our customers reach operational excellence, but we want to practice it internally every day. We do this through effective communication, weekly reviews/progress checks, growth strategies and much more.

Our solution helps customers enhance their customer experience by answering help calls and getting drivers back on the road quickly. A bonus of our solution is that it can increase a garage manager’s operational excellence if they use the data to make improvements and changes needed. Our CSRs write detailed call notes and reach out to garage managers to inform them of any issues that arise. The Parker Platform also houses an abundance of data that operators leverage to increase efficiency.

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational excellence is the ability to understand a need, and align a delivery and monitoring process that addresses and satisfies that need both internally and externally. It is a constant process that continues to grow as your business scales and changes, and is the never-ending pursuit of continuous improvement and a search for better.

How we achieve operational excellence internally: 

  • We have a quality department and operational leaders who review calls and provide feedback to our CSRs. 
  • We utilize a system that uses machine learning to review a wide sampling of our weekly call interactions and score them. 
  • Our team asks clarifying questions around requests to make sure we have a clear understanding of the need so that we can respond properly. 
  • We set various goals and review our progress weekly to ensure we are on the right track and are getting closer to achieving that goal. 


How we help our customers achieve operational excellence: 

  • Our onboarding is an in-depth, thorough process that identifies your specific business rules and how to handle any help calls that come through. 
  • We watch new facilities closely for the first two weeks to ensure everything works correctly. 
  • Our CSRs monitor and identify issues with PARCS equipment, signage, CC readers, gates, etc.  
  • We offer operational consistency in who answers the help call and how often they are answered.  
  • We notify garage managers when an issue arises, allowing them to fix it quickly and keep traffic moving. 

Benefits of Operational Excellence

Operational excellence provides many benefits for your business, both internally and externally. Here are three of those benefits:

Problem Solving + Teamwork

Operational excellence is a concept that should not only implemented by the C-Suite, but by every employee. It requires teamwork and cooperation at all levels to ensure you are addressing every need. Employees will learn to have a clear understanding of what’s expected at all times and identify processes that need to change. It will also help teams as a whole understand how their roles interact and influence each other.

Problems Detected Efficiently

The whole concept of operational excellence is to detect problems and improve the system. If all employees are on the lookout for issues and procedures that need to be changed, these needs will be identified quickly and solved efficiently.

Satisfied Customers

While operational excellence will undoubtedly benefit your internal staff, it will also benefit your customers because the process will be more quick and efficient. Your service will constantly improve, and customers will notice and appreciate that. They will no longer be the ones identifying the majority of issues that need to be resolved.